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Software Testing Services

Elevate your software quality with Custommedia’s TMMi Level 5 Accredited Testing Services

IV&V Services

Ensuring software meets both specifications and purpose, independently.

At Custommedia, our Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services are designed to meet the client’s highest standards of quality.

Our team of experts employs a rigorous process to evaluate software through its development lifecycle, ensuring compliance with specifications and standards. 

This approach not only identifies issues early when they are less costly to resolve but also provides an independent assessment to give stakeholders confidence in the integrity and reliability of your systems.

Functional Testing

Guaranteeing features work as designed, seamlessly.

Functional Testing at Custommedia is meticulously crafted to verify that your software operates according to its intended functional specifications. 

With our comprehensive testing strategies, we ensure each function of your software application executes precisely as designed. 

From user commands to data manipulation and all the way through to business processes, our testing uncovers any discrepancies between the existing and the required conditions, enhancing user satisfaction and product reliability.

Performance Testing

Gauging speed, scalability, and endurance under load.

Performance Testing at Custommedia focuses on ensuring your applications not only meet but exceed the expected performance benchmarks. Our dedicated team simulates various environments and workloads to test for speed, stability, and scalability under different conditions.

This proactive approach helps in identifying potential bottlenecks and performance issues, ensuring your software can handle the demands of real-world usage, thereby safeguarding a seamless user experience.

Penetration Testing

Detecting vulnerabilities before attackers do. 

Custommedia’s Penetration Testing services are designed to proactively identify and fix vulnerabilities in your software and network defenses before they can be exploited by attackers. 

Our ethical hackers simulate cyber-attacks under controlled conditions to uncover weak spots in your security posture. This critical insight enables you to fortify your defenses, protect sensitive data, and maintain trust with your customers by ensuring your systems are resilient against cyber threats.

Usability Testing

Optimizing user experience for smooth interaction.

At Custommedia, Usability Testing is key to creating user-friendly software that meets the expectations of your target audience.

By involving real users in the testing process, we gather valuable feedback on the software’s ease of use, interface intuitiveness, and overall user satisfaction.

This user-centered approach ensures that the final product is not only functional but also accessible and enjoyable to use, enhancing user engagement and adoption rates

Mobile Application Testing

Delivering flawless performance across devices.

In the era of mobile-first, Custommedia’s Mobile Application Testing ensures your apps excel in functionality, performance, and usability across all devices and platforms.

Our comprehensive testing covers a wide array of devices with varying screen sizes, operating systems, and network conditions to ensure your mobile app delivers a consistent and high-quality user experience, driving positive reviews and higher retention rates.

Static Testing

Analyzing code early to catch defects faster.

Custommedia’s Static Testing services are designed to improve code quality and accelerate development cycles by identifying errors early in the software development process.

Through thorough analysis of your software’s  documentation and design, our team identifies potential issues without executing the code.

This early detection of flaws leads to reduced development costs and a smoother, more reliable software delivery.

Testing Center of Excellence

Building in-house testing expertise.

Leveraging our extensive expertise, we guide organizations in developing a TCoE that standardizes testing procedures, implements best practices, and integrates cutting-edge tools for improved software quality.

Our process begins with evaluating your existing testing practices to identify improvement opportunities. We then design a customized TCoE framework tailored to your business goals and testing needs.

This collaborative approach ensures your TCoE enhances testing capabilities, optimizes processes, and promotes efficient resource utilization. Our consultancy empowers your organization to transform its testing function into a strategic asset, driving excellence in software development and quality assurance.

Outsourced SQA

Acessing world-class testing without the overhead

Custommedia’s Outsourced Software Quality Assurance (SQA) services provide you with comprehensive testing and quality assurance expertise without the overhead of an in-house team.

Our experienced SQA professionals integrate seamlessly with your development processes, employing best practices and industry-standard methodologies to ensure your software meets the highest quality standards.

This partnership not only elevates product quality but also allows you to focus on core development activities, driving innovation and growth.

At Custommedia, we understand that in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, exceptional software quality is not just a requirement but a competitive edge. As a TMMi Level 5-accredited organization, we stand at the pinnacle of software testing excellence, offering world-class Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and testing services.

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* International Software Testing Qualifications Board – Certified Tester Advanced Level

** International Requirements Engineering Board – Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering

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