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Welcome to Custommedia’s New Website!

Welcome to Custommedia’s New Website!

Welcome to Custommedia’s New Website!

The year 2024 marks a pivotal moment for Custommedia as we proudly unveil our newly transformed website, a testament to our commitment to digital excellence and strategic innovation. Our new website isn’t just a facelift; it represents a data-informed pivot towards a future-focused brand identity, whilst ensuring we cater to your informational needs .

Introducing Our Streamlined Core Services

In delivering our core services, our offerings are streamlined to be more accessible and relevant to your specific business needs & challenges. We provide clear, actionable solutions that directly contribute to accelerating your business objectives.

1. Software Engineering Services

Our comprehensive software engineering services are helmed by experienced and certified professionals. We provide software/application development, mobile app development, creative content, software size estimation, BPM/BPI, cloud/SaaS solutions, and IBM Enterprise Lifecycle Management.

2. Software Testing

As a TMMi Level 5-accredited organization, we offer world-class Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and testing services, including V&V/IV&V, functional, performance, security, usability, mobile app testing, static testing, Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) implementation, and outsourced SQA services.

3. Professional Training

Leveraging our vast technical experience, Custommedia Academy provides continuous professional development in software engineering and software quality assurance.

4. Products

Our technology offerings include MasjidKITA, a comprehensive digital platform for the management of Muslim community activities centered on mosques, and SmartEventPro, an innovative solution for seamless event planning and execution.

Embracing Digital Transformation Trends

Our service offerings resonate with current digital transformation trends, as described by recent studies where 80% of organizations* have hyperautomation and transformation on their technology roadmap. Our services are strategically aligned with these trends, ensuring we provide solutions that meet your evolving digital needs.

*Source: 2022 Salesforce Survey

Navigating the Digital Future Together

As we embrace these changes, we invite you to explore our new digital home. Join us on this journey of innovation and growth, where we continue to offer solutions that drive your digital transformation.