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Welcome to Custommedia!

We are an IT-based organisation with core competency in the Software Engineering discipline. Since our establishment in 1991, we have accumulated a breadth of expertise and experience in developing and delivering industry-leading Software Engineering solutions using multiple tools, system platforms and methodologies.

Our successes and achievements over the years have not been without challenges and I am proud to say that we have taken conscious efforts to achieve the best in what we do.

Having sound technical know-how is only expected to be in this business. In Custommedia, we go few steps further:

      •   We believe in having Quality in our works;
  •   We believe in being systematic in what we do;
  •   We believe in compliance to international standards and industry best practices;
  •   We believe in life-long learning; and
  •   We believe continuous improvement of both our collective knowledge and business processes.

  • All these elements have been institutionalised in Custommedia through our Quality Management System (QMS) and in-house developed software engineering-oriented Frameworks which help ensure quality and timely delivery of services repeatedly.

  • More than just delivering solutions, Custommedia can help customers have what they need to be among leaders in their respective marketplaces.

Mastura Abu Samah
Managing Director