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Smart  Solutionings are instances of implementation of our Core Technology and /or Methodology products, initially for CMSB's own use. Similar  implementation can also be deployed  by customers.

Smart Solutioning

Smart Event Management

CMSB's Smart Event Management is an IoT-ready solution for managing large events. Among others it  offers:

• Efficient delegates registration and management

• Speedy delegates 'check-in'

• Smooth walk-in registrations

• Effective control of tracks/sessions

• Extensive delegate tracking data (raw and statistical) for post-event analyses

• Deployment at multiple locations with centralised database

• Delegate communications

• Pre-event

• Event-triggered

Key features of Smart Event Management includes:

• Multiple modules:

• Delegate registration

• Tracks selection/update

• Attendance records

• Report generation

• Wed-based interface

• Access via:

• Manned counters

• Internet

• Standalone kiosk

• On-premise and/or on-cloud implementation


CMSB's MySmartHome offers an intelligent way of interconnecting various devices (smart and non-smart), sensors and web services installed in home environments, thus enabling users to  get the most their investments.

With CMSB's MySmartHome, users would be able get their home gadgets to work in synch to optimise efficiency an have an effective way to manage and control of devices and functionalities. In turn, these enable them to:

• Enjoy the convenience of modern living with interconnected smart devices within your home

• Have a peace-of-mind on the safety and security inside and outside your home

• Be the first to know of any threat and/or potential threat even when you are away from home

• Get a real-time view of you home 'dashboard' as and when you wish to, wherever you are



Verification & Validation Services Framework (V&VSF) is an implementation of QA Method by Custommedia for Custommedia and it is based on this practice that CMSB has earned its TMMi Level-5 certification in 2016.

The V&VSF covers the Portfolio, Programme and Project levels, aligned to PRINCE2 Project Management principles and it takes into account three perspectives:

• People: To ensure V&V is consistently practised throughout Company

• Process: To ensure it is embedded with V&V control points & self-checking of deliverables 

• Technology: To ensure technology is applied in order to produce quality deliverables

Custommedia's V&VSF adopts relevant industry good and best practices as well as de-facto and international standards:

V&VSF L​evels Standards Compliance
Portfolio Level ISO 9001, TMMi®
V&VMO (Programme Management) ISO 9001, IEEE 1012, MSP, P3O, TMMi®
Static Testing (Specialisation) ISO/IEC 20246, IEEE 1028, ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148, ISO/IEC 25010,TMMi®
Dynamic Testing (Specialisation)  ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119, ISO/IEC 25010, TMMi®
Provisioning (Specialisation) ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119, TMMi®
Assessment at Client (Specialisation) ISO/IEC 19011, ISO 9001, TAMAR, SCAMPISM
BPI (Specialisation) OMG-BPMN, C-Notation