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​​  NutrieMart​​​

​NutrieMart​ is an excellent dietary planning/monitoring tool for health professionals and a handy companion for health-conscious individuals.

The product's main features include:

​• Functions to quickly and accurately calculates nutritional values of food items individually as well as in recipes, menus and meals.  

• Calculations are based on the Malaysian Food Composition Database that details the nutritional values of various food items​

• Additional/other databases can also be used as the basis for calculations

 Ability generate more than 35 types of reports for analyses and presentations

 Unlimited entries subjects/patients and can be configured to complement patients' record tracking applications

NutrieMart has been deployed in more than 10 Malaysian Government hospitals and health departments, two medical universities and Brunei's Ministry of Health.

​NutrieMart​ advantages:

• Efficient delivery of accurate results for healthcare professionals

• Easy record-keeping of nutritional values of recipes and meals

 Takes in information to enrich and expand the NutrieMart database

 Rapid computation of nutritional values of recipes, menus and meals for purposes of:

• Comparison to Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs)

 Monitoring of nutrient intakes compared to recommended diet profile

 Creation of individual diet profile

 Planning of menus and meals to meet specific nutritional requirements

 Supports multiple users over a network (Server License edition only)

​Available configurations:

NutrieMart Professional Edition (Desktop License) for single-PC, single user installation

NutrieMart Professional Edition ​(Network License) for multi-users, single server installation, shared database