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  • Indigenous IoT-enabling Technology

    ​  CMSB's IoT-Middleware Promotion booth at SMIDEX 2014 Expo

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    • Malaysia’s leading software engineering concern, Custommedia Sdn Bhd (210378 - U), has introduced a product that would enabled businesses streamline business processes and enhance operational efficiency, which translate into improved productivity and increased Return on Investment.

      Called the IoT Middleware, the product serves as a platform which enables connectivity and interoperability between IT equipment, devices (smart and non-smart), sensors systems and services, which can be internal or external to the organisation.

      Through this platform, users are able to enhance their current automated business processes by extending functionality through interconnectivity with various objects - including those with and without own computerised processing capabilities.

      This machine-to-machine (M2M) interoperability can be implemented over any connection types including Local Area/Wide Area Network, Internet and Cloud Computing infrastructure. In addition, the IoT Middleware is also able to activate relevant instructions or commands based on pre-set business rules and triggers.

      Through such connectivity and automated actions, business managers and owners would be able to have real-time view of their operations and daily activities, which would facilitate informed decision-making.

      All these can be achieved without the need to replace or re-programme existing systems and applications. In fact, this is an inherent feature of the IoT Middleware.

      The IoT Middleware is built on a new technology developed locally by Custommedia. As reflected in its name, the IoT Middleware has been designed as an enabler for implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) – the phrase coined to encapsulate the forthcoming ‘megatrend’ of highly connected world.

      Just to give an idea of the magnitude, market Gartner predicted that by 2020 there will be 26 billion units of IoT installations; and this excludes PCs, tablets and smartphones.