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​​​LoB Platform​

CMSB's Line-of-Business (LoB) Platform enables rapid development & deployment of applications through:

• Provision on 'built-in' common  features of applications

• Re-use of previously-developed components

Key built-in features of  the LoB Platform's  include:

• Common business application features:

• User management

• Audit

• Reporting

The LoB Platform also includes tools  to speed up application development such as:

• SOA template generator

• Application template generator

• Etc.

CMSB's LoB platform is available in the following modes:

• Subscription-based (cloud model)

Customers subscribe to specific LOB application-as-a-services services

• In-house deployment

Customer deploy LOB Platform and develop own LOB applications

• Hybrid

Customised package combining cloud and in-house deployment models 

​​​​​​​​​ Contact CMSB for more information