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 IoT Middleware​

IoT-Middleware is a technology/platform which enables implementation of Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions.

The Technology behind the IoT-Middleware technology came out of our R&D that stemmed off from our involvement in EU-funded CASAGRAS 2 project. It is an object-connected platform which enables implementation of IoT solutions.  

Its key features include:

• Support for connectivity and interoperability between IT equipment, devices (smart and non-smart), sensors systems and services

• Ability to 'actuate' relevant instructions or commands based on pre-set business rules and triggers

• Support for implementations over any connection types including LAN/WAN, Internet and cloud

Among others, the IoT-Middleware offers:

• Supports customisable or pre-defined templates for 'object pathways' implementation in various industries such as healthcare, logistics and transportation, etc.

• Offers highly flexible and configurable system interfaces and object / smart-object connectors for use in any business system or environment

• Provides real-time execution and monitoring of event triggers and object flows

IoT-Middleware helps to lower total cost-of-ownership, reduce cost of doing business and enhance operational efficiency . Contact us for further discussion:​ ​ ​Contact CMSB for more information 

Download IoT Middleware Brochure​