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IVV Services

Our Verification & Validation, or Software Testing, practices are based on our Verification and Validation Service Framework (V&VSF) which is an implementation of our in-house developed V&V Method. This has enabled us obtained the TMMi Level-5 certification in 2016.

The V&V Method which defines a structured approach for implementation of software engineering projects with QUALITY intent and it is most effective when applied in dedicated projects that drive V&V activities such as:
• Software Quality Assurance (SQA)
• Testing
• Audit
• Reviews
• Assessment

The QA method is built upon enriched knowledge and experience accumulated over 25 years of practice
Aligned to globally-established project management methodologies such as:
• P3O

Further, it is strengthened with adoption of:
• Industry good and best practices
• International and de-facto and international standards

More information on V&V Method (click for info​)

Our V&V services engagement modes:
• Testing in Development projects
• Truly Independent V&V
• Consultancy – Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE)
 Portfolio level
 Programme Level
​ Project Level