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Products (Core Technologies)​ > Collaborative Portal Platform (CPP)

Collaborative Portal Platform (CPP)​​​

CPP provides an effective and secure environment for multiple tracks online communications and collaborations. It is a rich platform and well-suited for collaborations that involve:

​• Multi-tracks communications 

• Internal and external parties

• Deployment over private or open networks

CPP can serve as a single 'communications nerve centre' for:

• Internal and external communications

• Centralised management of monitoring, access control & information dissemination

CPP comes with a set of features commonly needed by organisations seeking this nature of solutions:

• It can be used right 'out of the box'

• Users can opt for customisation to cater for specific needs

• CPP environment can be segregated into open and secure areas

• Users (internal and external) can be grouped into various categories with varying sets of access rights