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collapse  About Custommedia

1. Who is Custommedia?


2. What does Custommedia has to offer?

Among others, Custommedia offers a wide range of System and Business Solutions, Software Engineering-based Services and Consultancy, Professional Training Services and Commercially-of-the-shelf (COTS) products.

3. How do I contact Custommedia?

collapse  Custommedia IoT Technology

1. What is IoT-Middleware?

The IoT-Middleware is a technology/platform which enables smart/intelligent Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications:

• It enables connectivity and interoperability between IT equipment, devices, sensors, applications and services

• Interoperability (as opposed to integration) means individual systems/applications within the set-up can remain independent (running as they are). Communications are established without the need to modify existing systems/applications

• The platform is also able to 'actuate'/execute relevant instructions or commands based on pre-set business rules and triggers 

2. How is IoT-Middleware different from other solutions that enable me to implement similar things mentioned above?


3. What are the key features of IoT-Middleware?

• It supports customisable or pre-defined templates for ‘object pathway’  implementation in various industries such as healthcare, logistics and transportation,  retail, manufacturing, etc.

• It offers highly flexible and configurable system interfaces and objects/smart-objects connectors for use in any business system or environment

• It provides real-time execution and monitoring of event triggers and object flows

• It supports connectivity over any connection types including Local Area/Wide Area Network, Internet and cloud

4. What values does it bring to my organisation/business?


5. What do these mean to my organisation/business?

With IoT-Middleware:

• Organisations/users are able to enhance their current automated business processes:
      Extend functionality of existing systems through interconnectivity with various objects - including those with and without own
         computerised processing capabilities
      Ability to have full and timely view of the state-of-affair of the operation, thus enabling informed decisions be made in fast and efficient
      Real-time alerts on events (based of pre-defined triggers)
      Where relevant, 'automatic' system-driven actions can be executed (based on pre-defined business rules)

• All these can be achieved without the need to replace or re-programme existing systems and applications

6. Which environment is the IoT-Middleware most suited?


7. What are the related services needed for implementation of the IoT-Middleware?

It depends on the scope of the implementation, customisable to individual clients.

To ensure successful enterprise-wide deployment, we offer the following:
       • Project Management
       • Business Process Improvement & Extension
       • Solutioning and customisation
       • Interoperability and integration testing
       • Production Planning
       • Training & Support

8. How much does IoT-Middleware cost?

collapse  Custommedia Professional Training Services

1. Is Custommedia a reliable training provider?

We leverage on our acquired experience in delivering software engineering solutions and services, Custommedia is able to offer various related Professional Training services to either facilitate smooth transition for users into using Business Solutions being implemented, or to help customers build their internal capabilities.

Custommedia is a registered Training Provider under the Malaysian Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF).

2. What types of training does Custommedia provide?

collapse  Custommedia Software Testing Service & Consultancy

1. How are Custommedia’s offerings in this field different from others in the market?

Custommedia provides specialised Software Testing Consultancy and Services for software and turnkey ICT projects.  Our dedicated team of software testers are certified under the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) and International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) schemes.

Their work are guided and governed by ISO-conformant Software Testing processes and methodologies.

We offer various levels of engagement, depending on the needs of clients. It ranges from full outsourced model, to consultancy and to planning and execution.

2. Can I choose specific areas of engagement instead of the full range of services?