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Custommedia Goes Up to TMMi Level 5

Custommedia crosses another corporate milestone as it obtained the TMMi Level 5 accreditation last December, making it the second Malaysian organisation to have achieved the feat.

Level 5 is the highest level of certification under the Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) scheme, which provides a framework for assessing the maturity of the test processes in an organisation. The scheme is developed and managed by the TMMi Foundation. 

At TMMi maturity level 5, an organisation is ascertained as capable of continually improving its processes based on a quantitative understanding of statistically controlled processes. Improving test process performance is carried out through incremental and innovative process and technological improvements. The testing methods and techniques are optimised and there is a continuous focus on fine-tuning and process improvement.
Criteria of an optimised test process, as defined by the TMMi, include managed, defined, measured, efficient and effective; statistically controlled and predictable; and focused on defect prevention. Such process is also supported by automation as much as is deemed an effective use of resources; able to support technology transfer from the industry to the organisation; able to support re-use of test assets; and focused on process change to achieve continuous improvement.​

To date, three Malaysian organisations have obtained TMMi certifications. The other two are Malaysian Software Testing Board-Q-LAB  (Level 5) and and Mesiniaga Berhad (Level 3). ​