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CMSB Academy COVID 19 SOP Information

Dear customers,

Please rest assured that Custommedia Academy fully adheres to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to prevent the spread of COVID 19 infection, as defined by the Government of Malaysia, in conducting our face-to-face training:

  1We have limit the number of participants  to less than 10 pax in per session per training room
  2. Ensuring a minimum distance of one (1) meter in classroom, pantry and other common areas
  3. We provide hand sanitizer, soap and tissue
  4. For additional comfort, we also installed air ionizer to ensure the air inside our premises remain clean

Trainees are also required to comply to the SOP drawn by the National Security Council which includes:

  1. Trainees are required to declare if they have been tested positive for COVID 19 infection, Person Under Investigation (PUI), 
      those who have close contact of PUI.  Trainees in any of these categories, as well as those who show COVID 19–like symptoms 
      are not allowed to attend the training
  2. All trainees must go through body temperature check and registration
  3. While in the Academy premises, trainees are required to practice good personal hygiene
           • Wear a facemask
           • Avoid hand shake, no hugs  or other forms of body contact

Notices are posted in strategic spots to remind trainees to comply to the SOP



All trainees will be subjected to body temperature check (must be below 37.5C), and register personal details either through QR Code scan or log book.



Safe distancing is practice in class room and other common areas.