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Technical Paper on Advanced Testing Technique by Custommedia’s Software Testers

Four testers from Custommedia combined efforts to write a technical paper on advanced testing technique and have it published in the ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation.

Amiruddin Jaafar Sidek, Nusirwan Anwar Abdul Rahim, Nurul Shafiqa Abdullah and Hilda Zainal wrote the article entitled Applying High-Throughput Testing to Software, in collaboration with Dr Mark Kiemele of US-based Air Academy Associates.

The article presented an instant of the high-throughput-testing methodology called all-pairs testing, which provides software engineers and software testers the ability to get superb test coverage at very reasonable effort and cost. This advanced testing technique is shown to be more effective and efficient for both functional and non-functional aspects of software testing when compared to more traditional methods. This testing technique also provides additional benefit of providing orthogonal or nearly orthogonal test designs for the purpose of evaluating the test parameters independently.​

The article was published in the December 2013 issue of The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation, which is published four times each year. The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation, which was first published over 30 years ago and is today regarded as the premier publication for the Test and Evaluation industry. The publication has earned its stature as an authoritative international voice and eliciting ongoing acclaim for editorial excellence.