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System Administrator

Reports to: 
Information Technology Head of Department.


To perform the system support functions across each of the hardware platforms of the company, namely 
        the Production platforms and the Local Area Networks.

To monitor the overnight backups and ensure that they complete successfully.
To arrange for any files to be restored when requested.
To monitor the disk space usage and, if necessary, arrange for the archiving of any data that may no longer 
        be required on-line.
To ensure that each user only has the necessary access to the data they require, including any customer's 
        confidential data.
To monitor the progress of all outstanding internal support requests and advises the originators of their 
        current status.
To carry out the installation of any hardware or software for the Company’s internal systems or external 
        systems as required.
To actively participate in the infrastructure planning and capacity planning requirements for the Company.
To actively participate in the formulation and maintenance of the Company’s Disaster Recovery Plan.
To carry out any other task to be assigned by the management from time to time

Possess at least a Degree or Diploma in Computer Science/IT or related disciplines or equivalent.
Certificate in IT will be an added advantage

Possess 2-3 year (s) experience in providing direct support to end-users either in Field Engineering or Corporate 
Able to demonstrate a strong understanding and technical ability to support PCs, operating systems and 
Good knowledge of software, hardware, Network Cards and Hubs.
Well-versed in server installation, troubleshooting and networking concept.
Analytical, articulate, result-oriented, able to perform under pressure and provide excellent follow ups.
Able to set up IP address, Domain name.
Very good command of English and Bahasa Malaysia for both written and spoken.

If you are a professional ready for a challenge, drop us an email describing your strengths and interests. Please attach your CV along.

E-mail to hr@custommedia.​my​​