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Custommedia in Global IoT initiative

Forward-looking Custommedia made its commitment to make pioneering move into Internet of Things (IoT) space since over a decade ago. The company was one of the eight International Partners in CASAGRAS 2 project, a European-Union-funded initiative to research into key technologies to enable implementation of the Internet of Thing (IoT).


Backed by knowledge acquired through its exposure and involvement in international IoT-related initiatives, the company embarked on an R&D project to develop a Novel Automatic Identification and Data Capture (NAIDC) technology in 2008. The project involves collaboration of multiple parties from Malaysia and the European Union and received funding from MOSTI’s Technofund.


The NAIDC projects has since ‘graduated’ from the Technofund grant scheme and  resulting technology has been applied to develop the IoT-Middleware, an object-connected platform which enables connectivity and interoperability between IT equipment, devices (smart and non-smart), sensors systems and services.